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Who are we

Who we is........
Two left handed pickle lovn' friends: Jon and Julia.  We both grew up in Ojai, ca. We both moved away  to bigger cities to have the experiences. For the past five years we both lived in the Food Capitol of the western united states, San Francisco. Julia was immersed in the restaurant industry. Jon was also immersed, thanks to Julia and his foodie wife (Kyra) they ate at every restaurant they could find. San Francisco taught us how thoughtfully crafted eats and drinks can create a higher quality of life.

In 2012 both of us decided to move home to Ojai, to enjoy the slower pace of country living once again bringing with us the world of fermentation.


Ideas and Goals

We started Kult KItchen because we love all things fermented. We also know how beneficial these foods and beverages are for the human body, not to mention overall wellbeing. Kult Kitchen cultivates products in small batches and short runs. Our deepest intention is making products of unsurpassed quality. We have a local Organic farm (Rio Gozo) that grows all our produce and herbs for us. Vine to brine will often be less than a couple hours. Our Sea Salt is from California, our spring water is also from a ranch in Ojai. Everything is from the left coast, and pickled when in-season.

Our goal is to manifest our passion for fermenting to good eats and drinks. Then share the products with the public. By sharing our products we intend to pass on the idea of adding these foods to a already healthy lifestyle, or as a start to one. By simply drinking a Kombucha tea every day you'll boost immune system and metabolism.

Where to find us:
We will be starting out at Farmers Markets in Ojai, Santa Barbara, and Los Angles. Once everything is in motion we will post our calendar of appearances.

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