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Friday, October 26, 2012

Pickle Juice Hangover Cure

Or expecting to have one in the near future?
 Head to the refrigerator before or after you've had one too many and reap the medicinal properties and benefits of dill pickle. Full of naturally occurring antioxidants, healing salts and minerals, dill pickle juice is a cheap, time tested and true hangover cure and preventative tool.

The medicinal properties of dill pickle juice have long been extolled by scholars and holistic healers alike. Dill pickle juice is full of naturally occurring antioxidants, healing salts and minerals. Whether you've had one too many on St. Patrick's Day, or too rockin' a time at that New Year's Party, dill pickle juice is a cheap, time tested and true hangover cure and preventative tool.

If possible, before you begin drinking, fill a 2 ounce glass with dill pickle juice.

Choose your "chaser(s)". A "chaser" is something that you eat or drink after the pickle juice if you'd like to rid your mouth of the strong flavor, or make the juice "go down" a little more easily. Chasers can be combined or used on their own. Some good chasers are:

-warm water
-ice water
-orange juice
-crackers (plain or salted saltines are preferable)
--ginger ale

Often, using a combination of food/drink chaser is the most effective in making the pickle juice seem less potent, or more palatable to someone who isn't fond of the flavor.

Line up two aspirin, your pickle juice "shot", and your chaser(s).

In quick succession, put the two aspirin in your mouth and swallow them with the shot of pickle juice. If you are using a chaser, eat and/or drink it to wash both the pickle juice and aspirin further down your throat and neutralize the strong flavor that may be left in your mouth. Try to drink at least another 8 ounces of water before you start to drink.

Enjoy your party, dinner or wherever it is you are drinking.

After you have finished drinking, repeat the above steps, before heading to bed for the evening. Bear in mind that pouring the juice out of even a small pickle jar requires a steady hand and good coordination-- if you know, in advance that you may be tipsy (or worse!) after drinking, it is wise to prepare and refrigerate your pickle juice "shot" prior to taking your first sip of alcohol. Having it prepared ahead can save time and energy later when there is little to spare.

If necessary, upon waking up (or at least 4-6 hours later), repeat all of the above.

Note: 2 ounces is the recommended serving size because the salt and acid content in pickle juice is high. Do not exceed 2 ounces at one time. If you are on a salt-restricted diet, do not use dill pickle juice as ahome remedy without first consulting your doctor or health care professional.

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